Thursday, 6 October 2011

Today's Best Seller - The Ghillie Kettle

Today's  best seller... The Ghillie Kettle and accessories  make the most of those autumn evenings.... perfect for Bonfire Night Hot Chocolate ... see the Ghillie Kettle In action.

  • Available in 3 Sizes 
  • Burns organic matter ... newspaper , cardboard, fir cones even animal dung!
  • Super Fast boils in a matter of minutes.
  • Great for Camping , fishing , backpacking or just on the patio in the garden. 
  • A full range of accessories available to make the most of your Ghillie Kettle. 
  • Other similar Kettles are available but the Ghillie Kettle is the only one with the safety feature of the Whistle.
  • A great gift idea. 
  • Shop for Ghillie Kettles @ IBEX Camping  

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