Friday, 11 November 2011

Bog in a Bag | boginabag ... as seen on Dragon's Den

Avid fans of Dragon's Den we watch the program without fail for innovative products to add to our range, having seen the BOG In a Bag featured we were intrigued ... a few weeks later and customer requests started coming in so we placed our first order. 

Once the parcels arrived we eagerly unpacked the packages to see for ourselves whether the bog in a bag offered the simplicity it seemed to... the answer is yes!

It couldn't be simpler & whilst it wouldn't replace the necessity for a standard portable toilet if you are camping off the beaten track or on a site without any facilities.  Purely due to cost - not performance ( the bags would be much more expensive to use than Chemicals in a Standard Portable toilet).  The Bog in  a Bag offers a perfect solution for festival Go-ers, Fishing,  Day's out at the beach , picnics etc. ....naturally with some shielding for privacy...

Here @ibexcamping we think that the biggest value to our customers is family campers with children - where every mm of space in the car is critical and taking a portable toilet just wouldn't be possible. The Bog in a Bag offers a perfect solution for an overnight toilet .... we all know that call of just getting into bed when your little one cries 'I need a wee!' The sigh at having to get wrapped up and trek across to the toilet block in the dead of night or early hours of the morning :-) 

What you get .... 

When your bog in a bag arrives you will see that it is supplied in a slim carry bag with an  adjustable strap and toggle at the top ... the first thing we have noticed is that having sold camping chairs and folding camping furniture for quite a few years the quality of the carry bag is extremely well made from a good strong Fabric that won't split the first time you use it. 

The Bog in a Bag stool is a tri-pod design, the tri-pod legs themselves have a diameter of approximately 2cm with a retaining ring about half way down. A retaining strap at the top to keep the legs together when packed away. Again the seat of the Bog in a Bag is made from a good quality fabric with a fully tape edged hole in the middle, over the hole is a full flap that fits perfectly - making the Bog in a Bag a usable stool if required. 

A few dimensions for you .... the height of the stool to the seat is app. 43cm | The width of the seat is app. 39cm (one side of the triangle seat) | The Diameter of the hole is app. 19cm.| The bog in a Bag packed Dimensions : - 69cm x 12cm  Weight : 850g.

The Bog in a Bag refill bags - couldn't be simpler to use - place over the seat pushing the central section down the hole in the middle of the stool  after the stool has been used simply wait 30 seconds to allow the magic crystals ( which can absorb up to 30 times their weight in liquid)  to absorb the liquid then remove, tie and dispose of the degradable bag. £2.95 for a pack of 5 bags. 

The Team @ IBEX Camping have tried the stool for comfort and convenience, both for adults and children. We really are  pleasantly surprised at the quality of the stool and it's sturdiness. It truly is a great product that has many, many uses at just £16.99 the price is right too!

Well Done @Boginabag !

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