Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Camping Mat | Multimat Original Foam Camper just added to IBEX Camping's website

We've just finished listing another great Multimat product to the website - the Multimat Original Closed Cell Foam Camping Mat a great entry level camping mat for Backpackers , Hikers, DofE, Scout Trips etc... 

A few Facts & Figures.... 

Size : 1800 x 500 x 8mm 
Weight: 180g 
Season rating: 3
Compactness : 510 x 145mm
Choice of colours : Apple Green | Marine Blue | MoD 
Good Functional Performance at a really great price! 

Ideal for family use the Multimat Camper Original Foam Mat has been manufactured and Engineered for outstanding performance ..from specially selected grades of Polyolefin Foam. 

A truly really useful part of your kit for just £5.99 

A little tip .... why not try using an insulated mat underneath your airbed for a little insulation and protection!

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