Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sprayway Family Tents Have Arrived @IBEX Camping .....

Take a look at the Prairie 7 (5 +2) on our website 


To celebrate the long awaited arrival of Sprayway Family Tents @ IBEX Camping we're offering Free Delivery on the  Prairie 5 + 2  .... this great family tent is just £379.99 @ IBEX Camping ... High Specification, flexible living and feature packed ... 
.......why not enjoy a summer full of Holidays? 

If your looking for something a little smaller the Prairie 4 is just £269.99.....we're listing this tent soon so stay in touch :-)

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  1. Its important to consider all these thingsCosts Cheap large family tents can be bought from many stores like Walmart, although these will not be anywhere near the quality as well known tent brands from outdoor stores.