Saturday, 9 June 2012

Free Delivery | Father's Day Gift Idea | The Ghillie Kettle ...... for the Outdoor Enthusiast

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The Ghillie  Kettle makes an great Father's Day Gift for your Dad or Grandad..... Great for fishing, Camping , on the Allotment, or just in the back garden or car boot for a picnic. 

The Ghillie Kettle - Great for Bushcraft, Survival gear or just a camping kettle the Ghillie Kettle is available in 3 sizes 0.5l, 1.0l, 1.5l. The Ghillie Kettle  is Made in the UK using traditional methods similar kettles have been used for centuries and date back to similar traditional Irish kettles.  Unlike other volcano and storm kettles on the market Ghillie Kettles have the unique safety feature of a whistle other are supplied with a cork to fill the kettle spout.  Making the Ghillie Kettles safer to use.  The latest addition to the range is the Anodised Ghillie Kettle for longer life and similar properties to Stainless steel. 

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