Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Portable Toilet | Camping Toilet the Bog In A Bag is now available @ IBEX Camping

 We've Just finished adding the bog in a bag to our website .... looking for a portable toilet? As seen on Dragon's Den this great new product offers a great camping toilet solution for the outdoor enthusiast. Compact, lightweight and easy to use the bog in a bag is supplied with a carry bag - simply unfold, flip the flap back - insert a bag (sold separately) - the Special Bags have an insert which absorbs up to 400 times (approx 700ml) of it's weight in Liquid. Wait 30 seconds for the liquid to absorb then remove from the stool, tie and dispose of - flip the flap back and you've then got a usable stool.... we think that these stools offer the a great overnight camping toilet solution for family campers. 
We are offering the Bog in Bag @ just £16.99 until 25th October 2011. A great Christmas present for campers, festival go'ers, backpackers or the outdoor enthusiast. 

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