Wednesday, 17 March 2021

3 Great Features of the Coleman® MacKenzie 6 Tent

We are delighted to be receiving our first 2021 shipment of the 
Ideal for family camping or couples , the Coleman® MacKenzie 6 features Coleman's Patented Blackout Bedroom too! 

The Coleman® MacKenzie 6 is one of our most popular Hire tents and we've pitched many times for customers so we thought we'd let you know 3 of our favourite features .... 


With it's partial Steel Frame , the Coleman® MacKenzie 6 is very stable, with the steel poles allowing for optimum use and headheight in the main living area of the tent , which is vis a vis style , the bedrooms sit either side of the central living space


For a 6 Person Tent , the Coleman® MacKenzie 6 has a great pitch size of just 600 x 320cm making it #pitchperfect for most standard campsite pitches throughout the UK. 


The Eyebrow canopy over the door is ideal for when the weather is a little wet , this feature stops the rain rolling off the roof and into the doorway! Great for a little sunshine shade too! 

Just a little something we noticed when pitching .... it is only the main bedroom area that features full blackout , the second smaller bedroom has blackout fabric on the sides but the roof and the top of the sides are a lighter fabric as it sits in the living area. 

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Friday, 19 February 2021

What's New - Coleman Valdes Air Tent

We're delighted to share that our first shipment of 2021 tents is arriving from Coleman next week.  In this first shipment we'll be taking delivery of the Coleman Valdes 4XL Deluxe and the Valdes 6XL Deluxe , introduced in 2020 and extremely popular , especially the Valdes 4Xl Deluxe in 2020. 

We have also discoverd this week that the original Coleman Valdes Air Tent Range is being put on hold for 2021 , these great family tents were the first inflatable tent we added to our range and didn't disappoint.  We pitched them many times for our hire customers too! 

For 2021 Coleman are concentrating on The Valdes Deluxe range has a couple of new features that will takes the Valdes range to the next level ... so what's changed.... 

Both Models now feature a fully infllatable frame , gone have the fibreglass awning poles. 

The awning area is now fully enclosed , allowing you to create a dual zone living space , great for keeping the main living area of the tent free from muddy shoes and outdoor gear! 

The Side door features an eyebrow canopy , this is the only fibreglass pole on these new versions, a little but extremely useful feature - allows the door to be more easily used on wetter days and a little sun protection on warmer ones too! 

The Coleman Valdes 4XL Deluxe while having the same dimensions as the original Valdes 4 tent has extended living space thanks to the covered awning area , with a doorway too!

While the Valdes 6XL Deluxe is a little shorter 665cm compared to 740cm in total, we are still waiting to pitch but feel that this will probably feel like a much more in proportion version of the Valdes 6XL plus it makes the tent a little more Pitch Friendly too!

Thank you for reading this post , our family team of experienced campers are always happy to offer a little advice!

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Monday, 15 February 2021

4# New Tent Packages from Coleman for 2021!

2021 has seen the launch of Tent Accessories from Coleman , while in previous years they have tentitively offered a universal tent carpet , for 2021 they have launched a range of tent packages. Both BlackOut and Non BlackOut Bedrooms with Fibreglass poles , these tents are perfect for entry level camping or those looking for a great price on a full package ... perhaps just spontaneous weekend getaway campers! That's not to say that there is any compromise on quality , these new 2021 Tents offer many of the features loved by Coleman Campers! We've chosen 3 of these New Tents to offer as great value packaged for the 2021 season ..... 

Colemen Aspen 4

The first is the Coleman Aspen 4 Tent , perfect fo a couple of family with younger children. The Aspen 4 has a great packsize of just 66 x 30 x 28cm and weighs just 15.3kg. Fibreglass poles and an eyebrow porch gives a little cover from the elements when leaving or entering the tent. With a Barrier free entrance too! The Apen 4 doesn't feature Coleman's BlackOut Bedroom , but remains the same spec as BlackOut Bedroom tents , with a H/H of 4000mm Fire Retardant and UV Protected Flysheet ... it's a great new colour too! We're offering the Aspen 4 tent on it's own or for a little extra ...less than the individual cost you can buy the Tent , Carpet and .... without a doubt the most useful tent accessory ... the footprint Groundsheet. 
Coleman Aspen 4 Tent

The Second Tent we have chosen to offer is the Coleman Aspen 6l , again with a great new colourway. The Aspen 6l features an extended awning area ... with nice large windows on either side making this a really usable living space on sunny days and those not so too! The Aspen 6l would make a perfect starter tent for a family of new campers , sleeps up to 6 although for a longer break we'd suggest 4 is perfect to give a little extra living & Storage space. Versatile sleeping , one space that can be split 3 x 2 or 4 +2 or just one spacious bedroom! The Aspen 6l weighs just 25.5kg and has a pitch size of 625 x 410cm ... so pitch perfect too!  Buy the Tent alone or take a look at our great value tent package , there's nothing to pay until our stock arrives , and if you change your mind in between times that's fine too! 

Coleman Meadowood 4l New for 2021

The Third Tent we've chosen to offer as a great value Package from the New Coleman Tent Range is the Coleman Meadow 4l Blackout Tent , Simimlar in design to the Aspen but with a slightly different colourway. The Meadow 4l also features Coleman's Patented BlackOut Bedrooms - Blocks 99% of Daylight great for lightsleepers and camping with little ones. Fibreglass poles , extended awning area and barrier free entrance , the Meadow 4l is perfect for a couple or small family with younger children. 
Coleman Meadow 6l Tent

The Forth Tent we are adding to our range is the Coleman Meadow 6l BlackOut featuring Coleman Patented BlackOut Bedrooms , one space that can sleep up to 6 , spaciuos living area and extended awning area too! The Meadow 6l weighs just 25.8kg and has a holdal size of just 75 x 39 x 39 perfect for the car boot. With a pitch size of 625 x 410 The Coleman Meadow 6l is pitch friendly ... will comfortably fit on most standard pitches without the need for any extra pitching fees.  

Our great value tent packages are avaialble while stocks last , our new stock will be arriving from Mid March  ... if you'd like to pre-order there's no upfront cost , we'll simply pop across an invoice when your orders ready to leave. 

Take Care , Stay safe 

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