Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Will it snow in the UK? Welly Wednesday @ibexcamping

The snow is on it's way .... so here @ IBEX Camping we are having our very first Welly Wednesday - save 10% on our Welly Range , Men's, Ladies and Children's - order before 5pm on Wednesday - Select 24hour postage - just one charge for all your  wellies and your welles will be with you in time for the weekend! Simply Enter "welly" in the voucher code box on the Website.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Handy Wipes | Wemmi | The amazing Wemmi Wipes ...Back in stock @ibexcamping

Wemmi Wipes are about to arrive back in stock @IBEXCamping ... we have ordered in two pack sizes this time for more flexibility for our customers...

The Handy Tube - 8 Wemmi Wipes in a plastic refillable Tube perfect for the car , baby bag or Handbag. 
available from IBEX Camping @ just £1.99!

Or a smaller Box of 4 Wemmis Wipes smaller packet and a little more convenient for just £1.15 4 Great Wemmi Wipes supplied in a Card Box.

Why not give them a try - simple to use the Wemmi Wipe is a small white Tablet add some water and watch it grow into a usable strong wipe. Great for camping, cycling, baby, home, picnics, lunchboxes, car glove box.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Save 10% Across the site @IBEX Camping this weekend from 5pm 27/1/2012 - 5pm 30/1/2011

We supply the room .... you choose the view!
There's 10% discount on absolutely everything this weekend @IBEX Camping .... from 5pm tonight until 5pm on Monday 30th January 2012.... simply enter the voucher code "JAN10" to receive your discounts. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Valentines Day Gifts | Looking for a unique Valentines Day Gift?

Looking for something a little different this Valentines day?  ........ Here @ibexcamping we've got some great gift ideas for your loved one.......

Pink Rockfish Wellingtons These great Rubber Wellington Boots are available in a great Pink ... rrp £54.99 IBEX Camping price just £39.99

For the dog lover Pink Paw Print Wellington Boots ... a great welly with a  White Paw Print Design... just £18.99 @ IBEX Camping 

Why not say it with a pair of wellies!

The Shewee.Extreme... every girl should have one for just in case!  No more Squatting or Bare bottoms ... grotty toilets or just when your caught short The Shewee Extreme comes complete with a carry case, Pink Shewee and an extension pipe for those times when your wearing layers ... winter sports , hiking etc. The Shewee Extreme is just £9.99 from IBEX Camping 

Sunncamp Pink Mono Tepee 
Great Fun for the Festival Go-er!
The Sunncamp Mono Tepee is a great little tent - 2 berth with plenty of space - just a single pole makes it really easy to pitch... just £29.99 @ IBEX Camping 

Cold Hands..... Warm Heart don't leave your loved one suffering as the weather starts to bite .... Disposable Hand Warmers  or re-useable Hand Warmers from just £0.99p 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

VW Campervan Tent coming soon @ IBEX Camping

We're just in the process of placing our first order for the Fab & Fun VW Campervan Tent from @monsterfactry .... something a little different was the inspiration for the guys @monsterfactry to develop the Camper Van Tent - so why not stand out this festival Season. The Camper Van tent has a central doorway with a bedroom compartment at either side. 
Take a look at the VW Camper Van Tent @IBEXcamping                                                                                                                                                                            A little more about the VW Campervan Replica Tent .... 
An exact scale replica of the VW Camper Van 
Dimensions : External 3.98(w) x 1.87(h) x 1.55cm (d) Internal Dimensions : 3.88 (w) x 1.82 (h) x 1.45cm (d) 
Two x 2 Berth Bedroom Compartments
H/H : 3000mm on the Roof and 1000mm on the walls of the Tent 
Inner Tent has handy storage pockets 
Everything's included ... Flysheet, Bedrooms, Guylines, Pegs, Poles and Clear Instructions. 

The Licensing Awards winner for 2011 and a Finalist for the Gift Associations gift of the year for 2012. 

The Blue CamperVan Tent is available from the 21st January 2012 with Mint Green to 
follow during March 2012.... we are taking pre-orders for this tent now with a RRP of £300 we are offering a pre-order saving of 10%  and Free Delivery if you'd like more information please give us a call on 

01480 404030 | Text us for a call back on 0797 290 7029 or 

The Team @ IBEX Camping haven't pitched the VW Campervan Tent yet but as soon as we have we'll get blog with our thoughts and a you tube video!

Wild Country Tents | Citadel 5 YouTube video .....

We've just received an email from the guys at Terra Nova of a field test on the Wild Country Citadel 5 - standing up in strong winds at the National Park in the Peak District.... take a look it really quite amazing!

Is the Citadel 5 the perfect family tent? why not take a look at our website for more information on the 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Disposable Hand Warmers just arrived @ IBEX Camping and only £0.99p for 2

Strider HOT Pad Self Heating Disposable Hand Warmers Just £0.99p at  IBEX Camping 

We've just  received our first shipment of Strider Disposable Hot Pad Self - Heating Hand Warmers - these clever little hand warmers are perfect to slip inside your glove ... simple to use - remove from the packing - Shake in the open air to activate - that's it - these great disposable hand warmers last up to 8 hours. Safe and Disposable and Odourless. 

Each hand warmer weighs approx 34g and have a temperature range of between 50 and 55 deg c  - Wow! they're simply magic!

The price is great too.... just £0.99p for a twin pack - ideal for all outdoor activities and sports - or in the car for just in case!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hand Warmer | Strider Hot Gel Hand Warmers ... just arrived @ IBEX Camping!

Strider Hot Gel Reusable Hand Warmer Just £3.99
We've just taken our first delivery of Strider Hot Gel Reusable Hand Warmer. These great Hand warmers are supplied in a pack of 2 so there's one for each hand! Simple to use - within the Gel Hand Warmer there is a metal disc - click the disc - massage the gel and within seconds the self-heating Hand Warmer will spring into action. Being reusable the Strider Hot Gel Hand Warmers can be used up to 100 times .... as long as the instructions are carefully followed. Don't have cold hands this winter ... invest in a set of Hand Warmers... at just £3.99 a pack ( each pack contains 2 Hot Gel Hand Warmers)  the price is great too! In stock here @ibexcamping for immediate delivery.

Tent Repairs | Ripped Tent | Broken Tent Pole .... How to from IBEX Camping

We have noticed over the last few years that many customers are choosing to repair their existing tents rather than invest in a brand new one ... when the one you already have just needs a simple repair.

IBEX Camping is able to offer a comprehensive Tent repair service as well as a whole range of products to do the job yourself or take with you just in case....

Tableau Water Repellent Spray just £6.99 @ IBEX Camping  
StormSeal Adhesive & Sealant for Flexible Materials
Tear-Aid Repair Tape just £7.49 @ IBEX Camping 
My Tents is leaking.... if your fabric is leaking there are a number of re-proofing or waterproofing sprays on the market - please make sure you read your Tent Manufacturers Instructions and those of the Product you choose before you begin....we once had a nightmare with a Conway Trailer Tent :-) Simple to use these sprays can extend the life of your tent. Waterproofing products are also available in Paint on varieties...                                                        

Tenacious Tape just £5.99  @ IBEX  Camping

Puddles on the groundsheet - very often these can be caused by leaking seams ... your tent should have been supplied with a repair kit - in this repair kit there is usually a tube of seam sealant - this is simple and effective to use usually you rub a small amount over the weakness on the seam leave it to dry and that's it .... remember though to leave enough time for the sealant to dry before packing away. Seam Sealant is available to buy in tubes or in a roll as a tape. There are a number of multipurpose products on the market ......
These tapes are also great for emergency repairs of small holes or tears on Tents, Outdoor Clothing etc........

If your Tent Needs a larger repair, broken zip, or torn pegging points... or any other fabric repairs we work closely with a specialist Tent Repairer, simply pop your canvas / Flysheet into us - we can also collect for a small charge - Our Tent Repairer collects from us on a Wednesday Afternoon - We'll get back to you with a price - you then decide whether you'd like to go ahead. The turnaround for repairs is generally 7/10 days although during busy periods your repair may take a little longer - we'll always try to work round your deadline. Simply EMAIL US with the details of your repair and we'll arrange delivery and/or collection of your flysheet @ £6.75 per journey.

Broken Tent Pole? Fibreglass tent poles are designed to be repairable - due to the nature of the constructions in extreme weather it's not unusual for one to split. Ideally .... you should carry a spare but if not don't worry replacement poles can be purchased in sections or a whole kit.... Simply measure the dimensions of the split pole - diameter and length. Once you have our section - split the pole into sections by untying the center elastic - retain the tension - replace the broken section and replace in the same order. Replacement fibreglass pole sections can be easily cut to size. Replacement pole kits come with full instructions ... we are able to offer a full repair service email us with your details and we'll get back to you. Unusual size or steel pole .... EMAIL US we have an array of spare poles from previous seasons!

Please remember to always follow the manufacturers instructions both on the equipment you are repairing and the repair product you are using! 

If you would like any further information , please don't hesitate to get in touch call 
01480 404030 | 0797 290 7029 | Email : sales@ibexcamping.co.uk

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th ...Get Ready for the Cold Weather ... Save on our winter warmers this weekend @ibexcamping

It's Friday the 13th and Freezing .... is it time to get ready for the cold weather? Here at IBEX Camping we are having a Winter Warmer Weekend... everything you'd need to enjoy the outdoors in these dropping temperatures.... 

This weekend 13/14/15/16th January 2012 ... save 10% on all our winter warmers!

Wellies: Children's Wellies, Men's Wellies, Ladies Wellys,  Welly Socks , Hand Warmers, Thermal Lambswool Insoles, Bridgdale Socks, Sprayway Sleeping Bags, Target Dry Mac in a Sac waterproofs, Pacific Outdoor Sleeping Mats, Hat-Gloves-Scarf Sets, Welly Warmas , or if your out n about ....Shewee, P-Mate , Grangers 2 in 1 cleaner & Proofer, Adventure Medical KitsGhillie Kettle .... our technical tents the Sprayway Performance Range.

There's no voucher code to enter... we've set our system up to automatically deduct your discounts. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Suncamp Mono Tepee just £29.99 @ibexcamping ...

The Sunncamp Mono Tepee is a great Fun - Fully Functional Tent .... made by Sunncamp renowned for their quality and great Family Tents. The Sunncamp Mono Tepee is available in two Funky colours - Cool Blue or Bubblegum Pink. It couldn't be simpler to pitch simply layout the base of the tent - peg down then insert the single pole through the central hole and raise! it's as simple as that. The Sunncamp Mono Tepee doesn't come with a bedroom compartment but the groundsheet is completely sewn in, allowing the whole of the footprint to be used as living / sleeping space.... there are plenty of guylines on the Mono Tepee as well as a vented area around the top of the tent making the Mono Tepee both secure and pleasant to be in! 

Sunncamp Massif 200 | 2 person Tent now only £36.99 @ IBEX Camping

We've just reduced the price of the Sunncamp Massif 200 @ IBEX Camping from £49.99 to just £36.99!

The Sunncamp Massif 200 really is a great  2 person Tent suitable for Backpacking, being a lightweight tent it’s also a great hiking tent.  The Sunncamp Massif 200 weight just 3kg. The pack size is just 44 x 14 x 12cm. At just £36.99  is a very reasonably priced lightweight backpacking  tent. With a geodesic design the Sunncamp Massif 200 is a generously sized 2 berth tent .

We have a pitched a display model of this tent and can honestly say the the size is extremely generous, it's simple to pitch and the small porch area gives the tent an added bonus. 

Weighing only 3kg the weight of The Sunncamp Massif 200 is good too! we would suggest that this is a great starter tent for Backpackers, Hikers or lightweight campers. If your looking for a specialist all year round Backpacking or Hiking tent then the Sunncamp Massif 200 isn't for you. 

Once the weather dry up a little we are posting You Tube Videos for our customers to view to get a better feel for our Tents, Outdoors and Camping Equipment - if you would like to know more about this tent please get in touch 01480 404030 or Email Us 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Cheap Summer Holiday 2012? Why not try Camping?

We're all feeling the pinch at the moment due to the economic climate and Christmas just passed .... this time of year things are very often a little tight. If you've got young children or a growing family it can be tough to plan  a holiday particularly with the restrictions being tightened on School Term Family holidays ... really giving Tour Companies the green light to maximise prices. 

Camping offers an alternative ....we love the thought that with a little investment (probably the same as an average package Holiday) rather than planning a 2 week Holiday you really can enjoy a summer full of Holidays! Here at IBEX Camping we have 18 years family camping experience ...having enjoyed many a holiday with our four Children ... in the early days with the most basic of kit. 

The tent is probably the most expensive item you will purchase , but a little time and researching will pay off ... we have written a little guide also within this blog to offer a little advice... but ultimately your Tent retailer should offer advice and assistance .. if not give us a call we'll help if we can. 

The Bits and pieces .... we always tell our customers not to rush out and buy everything you think your going to need ... start with the basics - Tent, Somewhere to Sleep , Some means of boiling a kettle and a form of lighting the rest will come with time ... each trip will have it's own requirements and each piece of equipment will have it's own memories of a Camping Holiday!

Once you've got the kit it's time to start planning your first trip .. a practice run is always a good idea - find a campsite with plenty of space and loose yourselves somewhere quiet to get to grips with your New Tent  and equipment. A great Camp site close to us with plenty of space ....

So your ready to go.... there are loads of campsite resource websites online , we even have our own that we are developing over the next couple of weeks...There are also a number of guide books to purchase. Pitch fee's  can vary dependent on the amount of facilities available on site... the least we have paid has been £2.50 ( very basic but a great place to create a Holiday full of memories!) to £36.00 per pitch for a fully serviced - clubs , pubs , swimming pool type site ...... it's worth bearing in mind that very often the fully loaded campsites particularly those owned by the Big Holiday Companies can sometimes be too restrictive and to a certain extent take the fun out of camping! The best way to choose a campsite is to join a forum ukcampsite.co.uk 

Children simply love camping ... we've camped with our 4 Children since they were 6 months old - the Fresh air , the back to basics and space that a camping holiday offers is hard to beat long days in the fresh air spending quality time as a family .... then  into bed by sunset leaving Mummy and Daddy to enjoy a glass of wine under the stars!

Ready to start thinking about Camping ?......

A little bit about IBEX Camping is a family run business borne out of our passion for camping .... Our pricing policy for our gear is simple ... if we wouldn't be happy to pay the price we won't sell the item! We carefully select our products - very often field testing to make sure they are up to the job... if they're not then we stop selling them! Any questions or advice we can offer just give us a call 01480 404030 ....

Friday, 6 January 2012

Wellies | Wellington Boots | Free Delivery This Weekend 6/7/8 January 2012 @ IBEX Camping

Kids Wellies
Rockfish Wellington Boots 
Pink Paw Print Wellington Boots 
Men's Dunlop Wellies 

We're having another Wellie Weekend here @ibexcamping ... 6/7/8 & 9th January 2012.... 

Cow Print Wellington Boots 
There's free delivery on all our Wellington Boots - Hunters, Funky Wellies, Men's Wellington Boots, Kids Wellies .... simply enter the voucher code"Welly" for Free Delivery until 9am on Monday 9th January..... Happy New Year from 
The Team @ IBEX Camping 

Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 Happy New Year from The Team @ibexcamping

Dear Valued Customers , we just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year from the Team @ IBEX Camping ..... 
Looking for a summer Holiday in 2012? why not choose camping and enjoy a summerful of Holidays .... you can pre-order your 2012 Tent from IBEX Camping for just £50.00 deposit so why not take a look at our website for a little summer dreaming and inspiration ......... visit our current Tent Range ... we are uploading the New 2012 Range from January 4th 2012
To pre-order your tent simply drop us a line and we'll generate an order for you with just £50.00 payable - the balance to pay 24hrs before despatch of your tent.

Ibex Camping re-opens on the 4th January 2012

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The IBEX Camping Sale has Started .....48Hours of 25% off everything on our site (excluded Family Tents)

Our New Year Sale is now live .... simply visit our website to save 25% off just about everything* *includes selected tents 

Happy New Year from the Team @ IBEX Camping