Monday, 9 January 2012

Cheap Summer Holiday 2012? Why not try Camping?

We're all feeling the pinch at the moment due to the economic climate and Christmas just passed .... this time of year things are very often a little tight. If you've got young children or a growing family it can be tough to plan  a holiday particularly with the restrictions being tightened on School Term Family holidays ... really giving Tour Companies the green light to maximise prices. 

Camping offers an alternative ....we love the thought that with a little investment (probably the same as an average package Holiday) rather than planning a 2 week Holiday you really can enjoy a summer full of Holidays! Here at IBEX Camping we have 18 years family camping experience ...having enjoyed many a holiday with our four Children ... in the early days with the most basic of kit. 

The tent is probably the most expensive item you will purchase , but a little time and researching will pay off ... we have written a little guide also within this blog to offer a little advice... but ultimately your Tent retailer should offer advice and assistance .. if not give us a call we'll help if we can. 

The Bits and pieces .... we always tell our customers not to rush out and buy everything you think your going to need ... start with the basics - Tent, Somewhere to Sleep , Some means of boiling a kettle and a form of lighting the rest will come with time ... each trip will have it's own requirements and each piece of equipment will have it's own memories of a Camping Holiday!

Once you've got the kit it's time to start planning your first trip .. a practice run is always a good idea - find a campsite with plenty of space and loose yourselves somewhere quiet to get to grips with your New Tent  and equipment. A great Camp site close to us with plenty of space ....

So your ready to go.... there are loads of campsite resource websites online , we even have our own that we are developing over the next couple of weeks...There are also a number of guide books to purchase. Pitch fee's  can vary dependent on the amount of facilities available on site... the least we have paid has been £2.50 ( very basic but a great place to create a Holiday full of memories!) to £36.00 per pitch for a fully serviced - clubs , pubs , swimming pool type site ...... it's worth bearing in mind that very often the fully loaded campsites particularly those owned by the Big Holiday Companies can sometimes be too restrictive and to a certain extent take the fun out of camping! The best way to choose a campsite is to join a forum 

Children simply love camping ... we've camped with our 4 Children since they were 6 months old - the Fresh air , the back to basics and space that a camping holiday offers is hard to beat long days in the fresh air spending quality time as a family .... then  into bed by sunset leaving Mummy and Daddy to enjoy a glass of wine under the stars!

Ready to start thinking about Camping ?......

A little bit about IBEX Camping is a family run business borne out of our passion for camping .... Our pricing policy for our gear is simple ... if we wouldn't be happy to pay the price we won't sell the item! We carefully select our products - very often field testing to make sure they are up to the job... if they're not then we stop selling them! Any questions or advice we can offer just give us a call 01480 404030 ....

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