Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Disposable Hand Warmers just arrived @ IBEX Camping and only £0.99p for 2

Strider HOT Pad Self Heating Disposable Hand Warmers Just £0.99p at  IBEX Camping 

We've just  received our first shipment of Strider Disposable Hot Pad Self - Heating Hand Warmers - these clever little hand warmers are perfect to slip inside your glove ... simple to use - remove from the packing - Shake in the open air to activate - that's it - these great disposable hand warmers last up to 8 hours. Safe and Disposable and Odourless. 

Each hand warmer weighs approx 34g and have a temperature range of between 50 and 55 deg c  - Wow! they're simply magic!

The price is great too.... just £0.99p for a twin pack - ideal for all outdoor activities and sports - or in the car for just in case!

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