Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hand Warmer | Strider Hot Gel Hand Warmers ... just arrived @ IBEX Camping!

Strider Hot Gel Reusable Hand Warmer Just £3.99
We've just taken our first delivery of Strider Hot Gel Reusable Hand Warmer. These great Hand warmers are supplied in a pack of 2 so there's one for each hand! Simple to use - within the Gel Hand Warmer there is a metal disc - click the disc - massage the gel and within seconds the self-heating Hand Warmer will spring into action. Being reusable the Strider Hot Gel Hand Warmers can be used up to 100 times .... as long as the instructions are carefully followed. Don't have cold hands this winter ... invest in a set of Hand Warmers... at just £3.99 a pack ( each pack contains 2 Hot Gel Hand Warmers)  the price is great too! In stock here @ibexcamping for immediate delivery.

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