Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tent Repairs | Ripped Tent | Broken Tent Pole .... How to from IBEX Camping

We have noticed over the last few years that many customers are choosing to repair their existing tents rather than invest in a brand new one ... when the one you already have just needs a simple repair.

IBEX Camping is able to offer a comprehensive Tent repair service as well as a whole range of products to do the job yourself or take with you just in case....

Tableau Water Repellent Spray just £6.99 @ IBEX Camping  
StormSeal Adhesive & Sealant for Flexible Materials
Tear-Aid Repair Tape just £7.49 @ IBEX Camping 
My Tents is leaking.... if your fabric is leaking there are a number of re-proofing or waterproofing sprays on the market - please make sure you read your Tent Manufacturers Instructions and those of the Product you choose before you begin....we once had a nightmare with a Conway Trailer Tent :-) Simple to use these sprays can extend the life of your tent. Waterproofing products are also available in Paint on varieties...                                                        

Tenacious Tape just £5.99  @ IBEX  Camping

Puddles on the groundsheet - very often these can be caused by leaking seams ... your tent should have been supplied with a repair kit - in this repair kit there is usually a tube of seam sealant - this is simple and effective to use usually you rub a small amount over the weakness on the seam leave it to dry and that's it .... remember though to leave enough time for the sealant to dry before packing away. Seam Sealant is available to buy in tubes or in a roll as a tape. There are a number of multipurpose products on the market ......
These tapes are also great for emergency repairs of small holes or tears on Tents, Outdoor Clothing etc........

If your Tent Needs a larger repair, broken zip, or torn pegging points... or any other fabric repairs we work closely with a specialist Tent Repairer, simply pop your canvas / Flysheet into us - we can also collect for a small charge - Our Tent Repairer collects from us on a Wednesday Afternoon - We'll get back to you with a price - you then decide whether you'd like to go ahead. The turnaround for repairs is generally 7/10 days although during busy periods your repair may take a little longer - we'll always try to work round your deadline. Simply EMAIL US with the details of your repair and we'll arrange delivery and/or collection of your flysheet @ £6.75 per journey.

Broken Tent Pole? Fibreglass tent poles are designed to be repairable - due to the nature of the constructions in extreme weather it's not unusual for one to split. Ideally .... you should carry a spare but if not don't worry replacement poles can be purchased in sections or a whole kit.... Simply measure the dimensions of the split pole - diameter and length. Once you have our section - split the pole into sections by untying the center elastic - retain the tension - replace the broken section and replace in the same order. Replacement fibreglass pole sections can be easily cut to size. Replacement pole kits come with full instructions ... we are able to offer a full repair service email us with your details and we'll get back to you. Unusual size or steel pole .... EMAIL US we have an array of spare poles from previous seasons!

Please remember to always follow the manufacturers instructions both on the equipment you are repairing and the repair product you are using! 

If you would like any further information , please don't hesitate to get in touch call 
01480 404030 | 0797 290 7029 | Email : sales@ibexcamping.co.uk

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