Wednesday, 29 February 2012

LeapYear 2012 a great Facebook & Twitter Offer...

Happy Leap Year :-) we've just added a great offer to our Facebook & Twitter Fans page ...... 

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mother's Day 18th March 2012 Gift Ideas from IBEX Camping

Looking for something a little different this mother's day ... we've go some great Mother's Day Gift ideas from as little as £1.99 ..... 

Wemmi Wipes from just 0.99p a pack
Wemmi Wipes .... these great little wipes are the ideal addition to  your handbag - supplied in either a box of 4 or a "smartie" tube of 8 ... The Wemmi Wipe is a small white tablet which once wet magically transforms into a strong useable cloth perfect for travel , picnics etc. 

Shewee Extreme Just £9.99

The Shewee Extreme.... whether rambling, walking the dog, long car journeys or just to avoid those grotty toilets at festivals the Shewee Extreme is  a portable urinating device for women ... no more squatting or bare bottoms!  The Shewee Extreme is supplied with it's own carry case and an extension pipe for skiing or times when your wearing extra clothing.  Something a little different this Mother's Day for just £9.99

Rockfish Rubber Wellingtons just £27.99 a pair 
Funky Wellies from just £14.99

A pair of Wellies .... we have loads to choose from whether your looking for a funky pair or a more substantial Rubber "Hunter" Style Wellington boot - our Funky wellington boots start at just £14.99 a pair - our Rockfish Natural Rubber Wellingtons are almost 1/2 rrp @just £27.99 (rrp £54.99) ...... 

Wicked Wedge just £12.95 FB offer : yes :-)
Wicked Wedge... an inflatable lounger pillow with mat - this great item is compact , great for travel and has loads of uses both indoors and out. Great for the beach , garden, in the home , in bed to name a few.... just £12.95 each. 

For the holidays.... Beach Towel Clip this ingenious british Designed Product made in the UK quite simply hold your towel in place whilst on the beach only £9.99. 

Or Last but not least ..... one of our most popular camping chairs ... The Sunncamp Bucket Chair ... available in a choice of colours - extremely comfortable lounging chair great for Camping, Caravanning, in the garden or for picnics!

The Sunncamp Delux Steel Armchair ... this chair was out bestseller for 2011 it has a generous head height and is very padded - we can honestly say that almost every customer who gave this chair a try last season bought one and at just £24.99 the price os great too!

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Welly Weekend @IBEX Camping This Weekend

Funky Wellies .... Get ready for Festival Season with our great range of Festival wellies from just £14.99 this weekend.... Rockfish Rider's Wellington Boots just £27.99 @ibexcamping that's nearly 1/2 rrp £54.99.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Save £5.00 on Ghillie Kettle's @ibexcamping this weekend 24/27th February

 It's almost picnic time .... we are offering £5.00 off all our Ghillie Kettle's this weekend @ibexcamping. 

Something a little different and retro... when displaying our range of Ghillie Kettle's we very often reminise with customers who remember the Ghillie kettle or similar Storm Kettles from their childhood. 

Simple to use, there's no need for artificial gas or fuel simply burn organic matter , fill the outer of the kettle with water , place the kettle on the base and a few minutes later you'll have a lovely cup of tea! 

Lightweight, easy to transport the Ghillie Kettle is the only kettle of this design on the market with the added safety feature of a whistle! Ready to take a look at the Ghillie Kettle Range on our Website? - Click Here 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Happy Hour @IBEX Camping 2nite 8-9pm Save 25%

We are having a #Happy Hour @ IBEX Camping this evening between 8 and 9pm..... place an order with us and our system will automatically deduct 25% from your order... This offer applies to stock items only and so it subject to stock availablilty!

Special Offer just for our Facebook & Twitter Fans .... Wicked Wedge 2 4 £20

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The Wicked Wedge has so many uses both in and out of the home, great for festivals, camping , in the garden , gaming , in bed or the garden to name just a few ..... fitted with a sit mat it makes the perfect travel accessory for your holidays. Just the size of a book once deflated it's space efficient too!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Repair Kit | Multimat Self Inflating Mat Repair Kit just added to IBEX Camping's Website

Another great product from the Multimat  range just added to the website ..... a repair kit for your self inflating mat from Multimat. 

The Multimat Self inflating Mat Repair kit is simple and effective to use, the repair kit contains 4 circular patches of approx 6.5cm diameter and a tube of adhesive. Full repair instructions are listed on the back of the pack. 

The patches are supplied in a range of colours Black | Green | Royal Blue | Turquoise. 

In Stock and available now @ibexcamping just £2.99

Camping Mat | Multimat Original Foam Camper just added to IBEX Camping's website

We've just finished listing another great Multimat product to the website - the Multimat Original Closed Cell Foam Camping Mat a great entry level camping mat for Backpackers , Hikers, DofE, Scout Trips etc... 

A few Facts & Figures.... 

Size : 1800 x 500 x 8mm 
Weight: 180g 
Season rating: 3
Compactness : 510 x 145mm
Choice of colours : Apple Green | Marine Blue | MoD 
Good Functional Performance at a really great price! 

Ideal for family use the Multimat Camper Original Foam Mat has been manufactured and Engineered for outstanding performance ..from specially selected grades of Polyolefin Foam. 

A truly really useful part of your kit for just £5.99 

A little tip .... why not try using an insulated mat underneath your airbed for a little insulation and protection!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday 21st February | Today's Special Offer Rockfish Wellies ... just £27.99

Today's Special Offer ..... Rockfish Wellington Boots just £27.99 a pair (rrp £54.99) 

Rockfish Wellies have been compared to Hunters for style and fit , in fact many of our customers prefer the fit of Rockfish to Hunters! Made from 60% soft natural Rubber we've tried and tested them and have to agree that they are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.... 

Rockfish Wellies are available in a range of colours ... Red | Pink | Chocolate | Green | Navy and Black so you could have a pair for every outfit! 

Some of the Rockfish Wellington Boot Features .... 

High cut vulcanised natural rubber upper contruction 
Outer Natural Rubber Sole 
Moulded deep ridges sole for extra grip 
Adjustable waterproof gusset strap and buckle 
Calendared Nylon Lining 

Rockfish Riders are a general use Wellington Boot not a riding boot. 

Click Here to visit our range of Rockfish Riders 

ps..........There's nothing worse than clicking on a link only to find that the promo has expires.... so if you've come across this link and the offer has expired please email us and we'll see what we can do :-)

Tuesday 21st February - 25th February | Facebook, Twitter & Blog followers Special offer | Sunngas Uno Stove

Here's another great offer just for our Facebook and Twitter followers.......

Get ready for summer with the Sunngas Uno Stove ... these great little cookers are great as a starter cooker for camping, picnics, fishing, festivals ... to name a few.  Simple to use , complete with a storage case operates on disposable gas canisters - supplied in a pack of 4 - each one lasting approx 2.5hrs depending on weather conditions! A great starter camping cooker - for a small initial investment this little stove will get you going if you decide to upgrade to a larger cooker it will still have many uses .... we take ours with us to the Beach and Picnics!  

Special price just for our Facebook and Twitter Followers ..... £9.99 until Saturday 25th Feb 2012

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Camping | Festival | Hiking essentials for just 0.99p

Here at IBEX Camping we are committed to great prices - our pricing policy is simple.... if we can't sell our products at prices we'd be happy to pay then we don't add it to the range .... we thought we'd just let you know about a few really useful items that are just 0.99p @ibexcamping .....

The Sunncamp Spork just  99p

A really useful Spoon Fork and Knife in one , great for picnics , backpacking, camping, lunchboxes ... to name a few complete with a Karibiner (not included) fixing hole. 

ECO-Poncho  Disposable  Just 0.99p

The Eco - Poncho a biodegradable disposable rain poncho - great for days out, festivals , camping or for  just in case  in your bag or glovebox - one size clear.

Strider Pack of 2 Disposable Hot Pad hand warmers. Self Heating  simple to use and very efficient - great for all outdoors activities....

Wemmi Wipes x Box of 4 these great little wipes are simply magic - add a little water , watch them grow and then use - very strong great for camping, festivals, cycling, handbag around the home , picnics etc......

Budget Peg Puller just 0.99p
Simply does what it says..... every camper should have one and this Budget Peg Puller is great value at just 0.99p

Sunncamp Snappy Cap  just 0.99p 
                                                                                                                                                                               The Sunncamp Snappy Cap transforms your fizzy drinks can into a bottle - creates a leakproof seal. Simply to use and reusable this great little item allows you to travel with you drinks can and stops unwanted visitors!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

IBEX Camping's QR Code

We've just created our first QR code for our lovely customers to be able to access all our contact information in one place ... we'd love some feedback if you have any problems using the code :-)

#HappySaturday Everyone ..... This weekends offers @ibexcamping

Happy Saturday to all our great customers, followers and Facebook  Page Fans...... it's a windy Saturday morning in Little Paxton we've got some great offers this weekend ......

Save 20% across the site on everything! 

Just for our Facebook page fans | Twitter Followers and google Circlers! buy a Ghillie Kettle and receive a free accessory!

Friday, 17 February 2012

The Sunncamp 2012 Tent Ranges available @ibexcamping

Look what we've just found .... @sunncamping on Twitter together with some great videos of the 2012 Tent and Awning ranges .....

Tents.... How to choose your tent .... What does H/H (hydostatic Head) mean?

One of the very first questions we are asked by customers who are choosing their very first tent is .... What does H/H ( Hydrostatic Head) mean in the tent descriptions? 
Modern Tents are made from polyester which unlike Canvas doesn't have any water repellency... Polyester has to be treated by the factories and then tested to give a waterproof rating ... Which is where the H/H figure comes from. 
H/H is the waterproof rating of the fabric used to manufacture your tent... a column of water is placed on the fabric - under tension and a measurement is taken at the level the water starts to penetrate the fabric - Hence the mm reading.... 
We have been selling tents for a number of years , when we started we had only ever camped in Canvas tents so polyester tents were a revolution to us but we soon learnt what to look for ....

For our family tents we like to see a H/H rating of at least 3000mm - some of our suppliers believe that anything beyond this is just a number... once the fabric has been treated to 3000mm there isn't much more protection beyond this. Others believe that the higher the better .... experience has taught us that as well as the waterproofing level it very often follows through that the quality and features of manufacture increase with the H/H - features such as mesh, vents and fly    screens..... 

Lower than 3000mm is fine for a weekend tent , festival tent etc this is still waterproof but we would probably suggest that you use your judgement to gauge the weather and if it's just a weekend then a torrential rain storm with heavy winds probably wouldn't be the best conditions. 

Specialist backpacking and Hiking Tents are very often treated to 5000mm H/H primarily due to the conditions that these tents are expected to cope with on a mountain side throughout the year. These tents are very often Ripstop Polyester too another feature that is making it's way into the Family Camping Market. 

It's always worth remembering that a Tent is a temporary structure and you always need to be aware of the weather to make any necessary adjustments etc..... 

How to choose your tent ... Size and Sleeping ...

We can supply the room .... leaving you to choose the view 
Running the business ....our greatest pleasure comes from sending families away with a tent and camping equipment to go and have loads of adventures with ... We are very often asked for advice on choosing a tent and have put together a few snippets to help you choose your tent.... 

What size of tent do I need.... there are quite a few considerations to make when deciding the size of the tent that your going to need ... we usually start with some questions about what type of holiday your choosing a tent for. Is it just the occasional weekend? or a summer family holiday? 

For a weekend tent perhaps just for that spontaneous weekend away when the weather is fine then most of our customers will choose a tent to fit ... ie a 4 berth for4 people - usually space isn't too signficant as long as everyone has somewhere to sleep...

For a family Holiday then there needs to be a little more consideration .... we usually recommend that providing space isn't an issue our customers choose a tent 2 berth larger then they actually need .... this give storage room for clothes etc as well as a larger living area for if the weather turns a little. Camping with small children then choose a tent that's easy to pitch - there are plenty on the market - Tunnel Tents and some of the steel framed Tents are simple to pitch and can provided they aren't too large be pitched by one person. 

The size of your tent.... most of the tent manufacturers provide weight and packed sizes for their tents so it's easy to find out the package size of your tent but you also need to consider the pitch size... A few years ago a few campsites started charging 1 1/2 and in some cases 2 times the pitch fee for larger family tents ... this was in response to the Pod designed tents which did have a large footprint , the tents of recent seasons have been designed with this in mind and most are more pitch efficient - however it's always worth checking before you buy... The pitch size of a tent is always specified by the manufacturers ... the average pitch size is approx 7 x 7m but this can vary from site to site .... having said that though I think that some of our most memorable camping holidays have been on sites without any restrictions on size .... a little quieter but much more fun! 

Polyester or Polycotton ? ...The fabric ... over the last few years we've seen the introduction of Polycotton Tents these are similar to Canvas with many of the benefits ... they stay cooler in the hot weather and warmer in the cold - once in a polycotton tent you can feel the difference ... there is a downside though - Polycotton Tents have to be re-pitched if you pack them away wet ... Polyester tents still need to be dried but this can be done without re-pitching. A polycotton tent may shrink if not re-pitched to dry. 

Polyester Tents ... mesh , mesh , mesh - Modern tents do get warm - so make sure your tent has plenty of mesh - to create ventilation ... flyscreen doors are great and mean that you can create airflow with out little visitors!

H/H or Hydrostatic Head  choose a tent with at least a 3000mm Hydrostatic Head .... more info

Bedroom Layout.... some tents have individual bedroom compartments but most family tents will offer a configuration of one large single bedroom compartment which splits with a curtain making it totally flexible for family camping .

Did you know.... 

  • 2 single airbeds are usually larger than one double ... which means that they may not fit in a two Berth Bedroom

  • Tents are berthed (how many they sleep) quite literally with people lying side by side.

  • Campsites can sometimes charge 1 1/2 to 2 times the pitch fee for larger family tents 

  • From experience we have learnt that a Campsite that lays down too many restrictions very often aren't the most accomodating ... 

  • Tents with steel poles - even if they are fibreglass across the roof - are usually quite a bit heavier than fibreglass tents... but do have a more grounded feel once pitched!

  • A Inner pitch first Tent with a sewn in ground sheet means that the tent is double skinned throughout. 

  • In a flysheet first pitch tent you can very often leave the bedrooms out (if you don't need them) to create a little extra living area.

  • Tent Carpets are fine but ... they do get damp underneath so they need to be lifted to air - and should really be taken up completely in enough time before you come home to make sure that your tent goundsheet is completely dry before packing away. 

  • The Most useful tent accessory you can buy is the Footprint Groundsheet - not only does this protect the groundsheet - it also means that if the ground is muddy you can pack the tent away without fear of mud on the flysheet and pack the footprint groundsheet seperately... it's also incredible useful for deciding where to pitch the tent!

Just a few words from IBEX Camping to help you choose your tent..... a few ideas and suggestions not recommendations or instructions..... we hope that this post has been helpful and would love some feedback.....

Cheap Funky Wellies | Funky Wellington Boots save 20% @ibexcamping

Cow Print Wellies 
Wonderful Wellies ....
Paw Print Wellies 

Fulton Scotty Dog 

The weather this winter has been so mild that ... well  apart from the last couple of weeks :-).... All of our Wellington Boot Suppliers have some great offers on Funky and Traditional Wellies for the whole Family ... We're keen to pass these savings on to you ... We've got a great range of Funky Wellies from Fulton, Cotswolds and Stormwells available in all sizes and there's even more to come! So as we now approach Springtime perhaps it's time to start thinking about your Festival Wellies , Camping wellies or just for in case Wellies! with prices from as little as £18.99 ... combine this with our "FEB20" voucher code and you've got a real bargain ....

Fulton Layered Spot boots 
 our postage costs are gr8 too! we only charge the true cost of postage ordering more than 

one pair then take a look at our courier charges ... we can ship up to 30kg's for just £6.75 48hr or £7.25 24hr that's loads of wellies!