Sunday, 19 February 2012

Camping | Festival | Hiking essentials for just 0.99p

Here at IBEX Camping we are committed to great prices - our pricing policy is simple.... if we can't sell our products at prices we'd be happy to pay then we don't add it to the range .... we thought we'd just let you know about a few really useful items that are just 0.99p @ibexcamping .....

The Sunncamp Spork just  99p

A really useful Spoon Fork and Knife in one , great for picnics , backpacking, camping, lunchboxes ... to name a few complete with a Karibiner (not included) fixing hole. 

ECO-Poncho  Disposable  Just 0.99p

The Eco - Poncho a biodegradable disposable rain poncho - great for days out, festivals , camping or for  just in case  in your bag or glovebox - one size clear.

Strider Pack of 2 Disposable Hot Pad hand warmers. Self Heating  simple to use and very efficient - great for all outdoors activities....

Wemmi Wipes x Box of 4 these great little wipes are simply magic - add a little water , watch them grow and then use - very strong great for camping, festivals, cycling, handbag around the home , picnics etc......

Budget Peg Puller just 0.99p
Simply does what it says..... every camper should have one and this Budget Peg Puller is great value at just 0.99p

Sunncamp Snappy Cap  just 0.99p 
                                                                                                                                                                               The Sunncamp Snappy Cap transforms your fizzy drinks can into a bottle - creates a leakproof seal. Simply to use and reusable this great little item allows you to travel with you drinks can and stops unwanted visitors!

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