Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dometic RC1200 12 / 240 v and Gas Camping fridge just £149.99 @IBEXCamping

How to keep your food cool during your camping trips ...... well we started with a bowl of cold water to keep the milk from turning over night ....we now take with us a 3 way Camping Fridge and have the convenience of fully functional camping fridge. 

A 3 way camping fridge offers you the convenience of 3 power sources .... 12 v , 230v mains and gas so no matter where your camping you can always take your fridge! 

Dometic are renowned for their Camping Fridges. A 3 way Fridge is a great addition to your camping kit. The RC 1200 from Dometic has a  41lt capacity and a below ambient temperature of 25 degc. This Three way fridge  operates from 12v, 240v or gas making them extremely versatile and cost effective too.  If you would like any more information on the Dometic  rc 1200 simply click on the link below or give us a call. 
Visit the RC1200 EGP on our Website just £149.99
  • Gross Capacity : 41 Litres
  • Energy Supply : 230v ac, 12volts dc, Gas 
  • Cooling Capacity: up to 25deg C below ambient temperature 
  • Insulation : Full Foam Insulation in CFC-free polyurethane FOAM
  • System : Absorption cooling 
  • Weight : 19kg

Quality Features :
  • Piezo ignition .
  • Thermostat Regulation in 230- volt mode ,
  • 3-stage flame regulation in gas mode 
  • Vertical Space for 1.5 and 2 Litre Bottles 
  • Recessed grips 
  • Sturdy Cabinet 
  • Ice Cube Tray 
Some more information .... or call 01480 404030 | 0797 290 7029

We never leave home for a camping trip without ours ... 
......saves on those little trips to the supermarket too!

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