Thursday, 28 January 2016

What Makes @FreedomCamping Zempire Tents Different?

2015 saw the introduction  of the +Zempire Camping Equipment brand to IBEX Camping , born in New Zealand and distributed in the UK by Sprayway , the addition of the Zempire Brand to our range was an easy decision to make. 

Zempire pride themselves on their design features and commitment to quality in every detail and we have to agree , having pitched our first Zempire a couple of years ago the quality was unquestionable from the weight of the Fabric to the robustness of the zip puller , Zempire certainly offer quality without compromise. 

The range has grown and continues to grow year on year , the Zempire Team specialise in Canvas / Steel framed Tents / Great Quality Fibreglass poled Tents and Inflatable Tents as well as various shelters and the New Aero Shelter - an inflatable Day Shelter. 

All Zempire Tents are Fire Retardant and have an SPF 50+ UV Protection ensuring the longevity of the Fabric tpgether with a massive 5000mm H/H. Many of the Canvas / Polycotton Tents come with a 5 year guarantee , The Air Frame Tents come have a 3 year warranty and the standard Fibreglass Tents a 2 year warranty. 

We've picked some tents that have caught our eye from the +Zempire Camping Equipment  range for 2016 .... 

The Airforce 1 - quite simply a travelling palace , the first inflatable canvas Tent inflate in minutes and enjoy the benefits of Canvas , completely temperature moderating ... cooler in the sun .... warmer in the evenings. There is also something special walking into a canvas tent - being breathable.  With a Single point inflation air frame that has been beaufort Wind tested , a fully removable centre wall allows for maximum living space and total flexibility. The Airforce 1 sleeps 8 Comfortably but can accommodate up to 10. A sewn in double layer roof reduces heat build up and keeps the tent a little warmer in the evenings ... The Zempire Airforce 1 - a canvas tent that is a viable option for a single night or weekend away. 

The Zempire Aerodome range , launched in 2015 The Aerodome is the first fully inflatable family dome tents in the market , again with undeniable quality and extremely high specification the Aerodome range offers campers a great alternative to traditional Fibreglass Framed Tents. 

The Zempire Aerodome is available in 4 sizes , 3 , 4 , and 6 person options. 2016 has also seen the introduction of The Aero Awning and Aero Canopy to maximise your enjoyment of the Aerodome. The Aerodome Tubes , along with all the Zempire Inflatable Tents, are made from incredibly durable and environmentally friendly TPU , which is both heat and puncture resistant. The Twin hose pump allows for two tubes to be inflated at the same time making Aerodomes the easiest Tents to pitch. 

Night Night , sleep tight ... the Aerodome Inflatable tent range features Blackout privacy pods to help create a darker sleeping area and to help with that early sunrise!

New for 2016 , the Aero T Range , a traditionally designed inflatable Tent available in 3 sizes Medium , Large and Extra Large - 4 , 5 and 6 berth. All models benefit from a generous living area and flexible sleeping pods. The Aero T range offers a great option family tent , quick to pitch and generously sized the headheight in the Aero T range is also extremely generous being 2.1 m on the M, 2.3m on the Large and 2.25m on the XL versions. The AeroTXL 6 person Tent has a whopping 485 x 270cm living space excluding the sleeping pod. 

Visit the Aero TM    , Aero TL and Aero TXL on our website 

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