Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Camping could re-set your body clock .....

We love camping and don't need any excuse to plan a trip! we genuinely believe that camping offers much more than a low cost holiday ... there is nothing better than stripping everything back to basics. 

Children love being under canvas we have created many lifelong memories with our 4 children over the years. When out and about displaying our range we never fail to be amazed at Children's enthusiasm for camping ... very often dragging not too keen parents across to take a look!

There is just something about camping that taps into the unconscious and generates a total state of relaxation where the only focus is who's fetching the water! 

We've recently seen an article that also claims there has been some scientific research to suggest that spending 7 nights under canvas can actually re-set your body clock , tapping into the body's natural rhythms using the natural sunrise and sunset ...

Thinking about camping but put off by the initial investment? we've solved this problem! We can set you up with a camping kit to Hire ... take it away and if you love camping and decide to buy the Tent we'll deduct your Hire Price off the price of a brand new tent!

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