Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Now in stock the Coleman Fyrestorm Backpacking Stove

Just arrived @IBEXCamping , The Coleman Fyrestorm , a compact Lightweight Stove designed to stand the elements. Operates at 6m/s wind speed - one of the few Backpacking stoves on the market to do this.

The innovative Wind Block system and a Down Step Burner Design gives superior cooking performance even at extreme wind , cutting the boil time in half at 3m/s. Not only does the Fyrestorm offer superior cooking performance but is also extremely durable with it's heavy duty stainless steel , Rust Resistant  Burners.

res :-
  • Power 3500 w
  • Boil Time 3m/s Wind Speed 5m 54s
  • Runtime 1h 40mins 
  • Weight 135g 
  • Dimensions 14 x 9.5 x 6cm 
  • Compact & Easy storage Umbrella like - folding out & in of Pot supports 
  • Supplied with Aluminium Storage Container that can double up as a mug 
  • Manual Ignition 
  • Wind Block Windshields 

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