Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Coleman Tents for 2017

We've just finished listing our Coleman range of tents for 2017 , with a few firm favourites and a number of New Designs for 2017. 2017 is the second season for the Coleman Fastpitch range of tents , a range of tents to get your holiday started as quickly as possible , whether your a festival goer - the Galiano range offers an instant tent , simply pops into place once removed from the bag ... it's easy to pop back in too! 

The Drake range offers a traditional , dome style tent , incorporating a built in porch area these tents are great for D of E , weekends , cycling , backpacking just about whenever space may be an issue - the unique Coleman Central Hub allows the Poles to remain in place - no threading through Pole sleeves - simply pull the poles apart and fold towards the central hub. A truly Pitch as One Tent ! 

Last , but  by no means least the Coleman Valdes Fastpitch range of inflatable Tents .. a big seller for 2016 , these tents are sure to be a big hit in 2017 too - packed with features including Sturdy D Door (excluding the Valdes 6) , Black out Bedrooms , clearview PVC Windows , these Inflatable Tunnel Tents offer the family Camper a quick pitch , versatile family tent. 

So lets take a look at what's new from Coleman for 2017 , the first announcement from Coleman for 2017 was that all their New Models will feature Blackout Bedrooms - It's worth noting that this may not apply to all the bedrooms in the tent , we have found on the Valdes 6L and possibly The Valdes 6   that the Blackout was only applied to the main bedroom , the secondary bedroom was a standard bedroom. This does though offer flexibility , the Blackout may not suit everyone! 

Our first new addition from Coleman for 2017 , The Oak Canyon a 4, a 4 person small family tent with a combination of Fibreglass & steel poles giving a great combination of strength, stability whilst keeping weight to a minimum. Featuring the Coleman Blackout Bedroom , 4500mm H/H , reflective guylines and rainskirts. With a pitch size of 485 x 280cm the Oak Canyon is very pitch efficient. 

With a timelessly popular vis a vis (Bedrooms Either side of a central living area) design the Coleman Spruce Falls 4 offers the weekend or festival camper a versatile tent. Featuring Colemans Blackout Bedrooms , sewn in groundsheet and a generous 4500mm H/H the Spruce Falls is sure to be a firm favourite with new campers. 

A great starter Tent for a small family , the Rocky Mountain 5 Plus has an integrated Eyebrow Canopy , blackout Bedrooms , again a very generous 4500 mm H/H and Fibreglass Poles - designed to keep pack size to a minimum whilst offering great space. The Rocky Mountain 5 Plus is feature packed & Versatile with a single Bedroom pod that can be split to suit your family camping needs! 

Last but by no means least ... the Coleman Kobuk Valley range of Dome tents , available in 2 , 3 & 4 berths. We're confident that these dome Tents will be extremely popular with Festival Go'ers .....featuring the Coleman revolutionary and patent pending Blackout Bedroom ... need we say more 😊

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  1. Cool products from Coleman. I like the color of the tent.

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