Monday, 23 January 2017

Why Choose a Tent Carpet?

Over recent years , Tent Manufacturers have responded to #Campers desire to make their Canvas home away from Home even more homely , by offering a range of accessories to compliment Tents. 

There isn't a Tent Manufacturer who hasn't added a Tent Carpet to their range to compliment their family tents in particular , they offer an extra layer of insulation as well as a comfy homely feel to your

family tent , which is a great benefit particularly when camping during those cooler UK Summers  or a little out of season. 

Most Tent Carpets are made from a waterproof backed fleece fabric , sometimes with an extra layer of padding between. Tent Manufacturers take great care to supply tent carpets , made to measure - this very often won't be the whole living area of the tent but the main living area of the tent.

Usually supplied in a carry bag for ease of transport and storage, the tent carpet has become an extremely popular addition to many campers Camping Kit. 

Just a little tip.... whilst we love the benefits of adding a tent carpet , we've used one many times ourselves it's worth bearing in mind that in certain weather conditions condensation can become trapped between the Groundsheet and the Waterproof backing of the Carpet. You can help avoid this by lifting regularly to air during the day and by removing from the tent completely  for a few days before you pack up to go home to allow the Groundsheet to dry completely before packing away. 

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